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Activate your license

Here's how to activate Inbox When Ready PRO:

  1. Find your license key
    In Gmail, search for messages from “[email protected]” to find the email which contains your license key.

    If you can't find it, write to [email protected] to request a reminder.

  2. Copy your license key
    Press the “Copy” button to copy the key to your clipboard.

  3. Open the Inbox When Ready options dialog
    Click the Inbox When Ready icon on your Chrome toolbar:

    Activation screenshot

    If the Inbox When Ready icon is not visible on your toolbar, click the jigsaw puzzle piece icon on the right to open the full extensions list. Find Inbox When Ready and click on it.

  4. Enter your license key
    Click the “Upgrade” button and then paste your license key into the input field. Then click “Save changes”.

    Activation screenshot

Need help? Please just write to [email protected]