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Inbox When Ready
Inbox Pause

Inbox When Ready is similar to the popular extension Inbox Pause by Boomerang. Both extensions protect your focus when using Gmail, but they do this in a slightly different way.

Here are the main differences:

Inbox When Ready Inbox Pause by Boomerang
+ Hides your entire inbox by default. - Hides incoming messages only.
+ Fast toggle – can show or hide messages without reloading Gmail. - Slow toggle – must reload Gmail to show or hide messages.
+ Scheduling feature. - No scheduling feature.
+ Does not require Google account access. - Requires Google account API access.

Some users consider Inbox When Ready an alternative to Inbox Pause. But, the two extensions are compatible, and for some people it will make sense to use both.

Here's to better focus :)

Install on Google Chrome
Also available on Firefox and Edge.
Add to Firefox
Also available on Chrome and Edge.
Add to Edge
Also available on Chrome and Firefox.

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